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Not Inside This House!

by Kevin Lewis

published by Scholastic

Meet Livingston Columbus Magellan Crouse, a curious boy who loves to explore!

You'd expect a boy with a name like Livingston Columbus Magellan Crouse to explore. But Livingston Columbus Magellan Crouse doesn't stop there. He comes home with specimens from his travels! First a bug, and then a moose– what will Livingston Columbus Magellan Crouse show up with next? Curious readers are in for a fun adventure.

"(Ercolini) shines in the imagining of megafauna lodged in a suburban house: the elephant falling through the floor into the mother's bathroom; the moose antler-shaped gashes on either side of the boy's bedroom door; the submerged first floor with houseplants afloat."

–Publisher's Weekly

Ezra Jack Keats Honor

Ezra Jack Keats Honor Book

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